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Inclusive, emotionally connected, and conscious support designed to empower you in your birth journey

Doula support is an instrumental part of birth. For hundreds of thousands of  years, communities have been uniting to support a birthing person through the journey of labor and birth. Birth was seen as natural and normal, and while birthing people were cared for, no one doubted their ability to bring a baby into the world. Today, it’s harder to find those inherently supportive elements in the complex and rushed birth system. This is where doula support comes in: to guide you through this time, to hear you and validate you, to see you as a full person, and to help you achieve an empowering birth. 


My practice centers on breath, body positioning, emotional release, and education. All of the knowledge that I bring is designed to teach you about birth, empower you to make decisions, and maximize your body’s natural abilities. I wholeheartedly believe that you already hold the knowledge you need to birth your baby- and I want to give you the confidence to trust in yourself as well.


 I am fully supportive of ALL births, no matter what shape they take.  After working in a hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for two years, I deeply respect that birth takes unexpected turns. Regardless of how your birth progresses, I will be there for you with unlimited support and care.

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✓ continuous emotional support
✓ birth education
✓ question answering
✓ getting your body ready for birth
✓ emotional connection building
✓ birth planning
✓ useful tools and community resources
✓ steady communication
✓ on-call from 37 weeks

✓ unlimited 24/7 communication

✓ continuous emotional and physical support

✓ partner support

✓ optimal body positioning

✓ aromatherapy

✓ assisting communication with provider

✓ breathwork

✓ counterpressure and massage

✓ reassurance and presence

✓ at least one follow up visit
✓ homemade meal
✓ written birth story
✓ emotional support and birth processing
✓ baby feeding support
✓ specific and trusted resources
✓ newborn education
✓ steady communication
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I will always make sure that a backup doula is available when I take you on as a client. I'm grateful to work with many amazing doulas in the Denver community, and will ensure that you receive extraordinary support should an unexpected event prevent me from attending your birth. If requested, backup doulas can be a part of our prenatal meetings as well.

Price varies based on every family I work with. 100% of my business operates on a sliding scale, as I believe that everyone deserve birth support regardless of what they can pay. A baseline cost would be around $400, with lots of flexibility. We will discuss price in our intake call, but if you have specific questions or needs, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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