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Sydney was very supportive when I went into labor at 11:00 o'clock at night and through all my contractions on my way to hospital. She was amazing, helping me get through pain and go to bathroom, as well as putting a cold towel on my head. She also was giving my mom a break when I was in labor and getting water for her. I am so glad I chose her to be a part of my birth, I don't think I could of done it without her! I didn't think I could do it natural, but Sydney helped me realize how strong I really was and that I didn't need any type of pain meds. Thank you so much Sydney, for all your help and support through my birth. You were amazing!


Thank you,

-A, first time mom

April 2021

We found Sydney through a mutual friend and now consider her to be a family friend after sharing one of the most intimate experiences of child birth with her. Sydney impressed us from the start with her knowledge and with how well she flowed with my husband and me. She gave us space to have moments that were so special while helping to relieve us of tension from labor. She was also a wonderful friend and advocate of my needs that we had discussed prior to the birth making sure I understood what happened next when it came to the laboring process. With Sydney, I felt educated, relaxed, and ABLE to have my baby. She was so encouraging throughout the whole process and so easy going. Exactly what I wanted in a doula - a wonderful support system and now friend.

-R & J, first time parents

September 2021

If you could have any one person with you throughout your pregnancy, your labor, delivery and beyond you want Sydney!! Sydney is who got me through my pregnancy labor and delivery. She really validated my every emotion and feeling I had throughout the entire process and was not only an advocate, but a friend that was so easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable, and a dream to have with my husband and I. During my labor and delivery she knew what I needed before I did, she applied counter pressure exactly where I needed it, gave me water and peanut butter crackers for fuel and all without me saying a thing it’s like we were communicating through telekinesis or something. She had my birth plan so I didn’t even have to ask for anything she took the initiative and asked for the lights to be dimmed and all of the other things I wanted. She helped explain to my husband and I what was going on, and helped us understand every part of what was happening while keeping me motivated and reminding me not only can I do this, I was doing it, everybody needs a Sydney.

-A & T, first time biological parents

December 2021

Sydney was a DREAM to have throughout my pregnancy & labor! My husband and I knew from our initial phone call with her that she was the Doula for us - we loved her energy! Sydney is so intelligent, calming and easy to talk to! She is reliable and was always checking in at the perfect moment throughout my pregnancy & during labor. Her ability to be in tune with the present moment brought me so much relief & comfort during my labor, from back rubs to counter-pressure to encouraging words, I had an amazing experience giving birth! It was my first birth and we did a home water birth, I look back on that day with so much joy, laughter and love. Sydney captured the experience of my daughter coming into the world in a beautiful letter that we can now keep forever, I love re-reading it! Thank you so much for being of service to your community, Sydney!! You'll forever be apart of one of our favorite moments!

- M & E, first time parents

December 2021

I connected with Sydney through a remarkable volunteer doula organization, and from the moment she reached out to introduce herself, I knew she was the perfect doula for me. During that time, I was facing significant challenges in my pregnancy, being abandoned during the first trimester, and dealing with loads of physical issues. Additionally, I carried trauma from previous birthing experiences, and I was determined to process through it and pursue a VBA2C (Vaginal Birth After Two Cesareans).

Sydney proved to be an unwavering source of support throughout my journey. She went above and beyond to assist me with all of my concerns and provided the guidance I needed during my third and final pregnancy. Sydney's wealth of knowledge, informative approach, warm-hearted nature, passion, and down-to-earth demeanor were truly invaluable to me. I eagerly anticipated our prenatal meetings each month, as they provided a space where I felt heard, understood, and supported.

Throughout the entire experience, Sydney became much more than a doula to me. She became a close friend, someone I could trust and confide in. We navigated the challenges together, sharing both the ups and downs of the journey. Her presence and support were instrumental in helping me overcome obstacles, process my past trauma, and stay focused on my goal of a VBA2C.

Despite not achieving the VBA2C that I had hoped for, Sydney's impact on my life was profound, and I am incredibly grateful for her dedication and friendship. Her unwavering support and genuine care made a lasting impact on my overall well-being during this transformative time. I cannot express enough how much her presence meant to me throughout the journey.

I am forever grateful for Sydney and the impact she had on my journey. Her support went beyond the birthing experience itself; it was a testament to the power of human connection and the profound influence that a caring and dedicated individual can have on our lives.

- Sage, third time mom, April 2023


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